Friday 25th May 2018

WONCA News – May 2018
The latest WONCA News (May 2018) is now available on the WONCA website with all news, views and information.

From the CEO’s Desk: Practice accreditation visit to China
Dr Garth Manning reports on a visit to China – both Beijing and Shanghai – that he undertook with Professor Rich Roberts, Past President of WONCA, in mid-April. In recent months WONCA has endorsed Global Practice Accreditation Standards, and eight practices in China underwent assessment by the WONCA team. Read more on their visit on line.

Dr Larry Green delivers the Ian McWhinney Lecture
Ian McWhinney will be known to very many family doctors. He was a family doctor from the UK who moved to Canada in 1967 to establish the Department of Family Medicine at Western University in Ontario. Ian influenced the careers and the attitudes of family doctors in many parts of the world, and he was one of the pioneer leaders of the development of the academic basis of our professional discipline. Ian died in 2012 at the age of 85.

The Department of Family Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine in London, Ontario continues Dr McWhinney’s legacy in many ways, including hosting a periodic memorial lecture. This year’s lecture was delivered by Dr Larry Green, on the topic “Will people have personal physicians anymore?” Dr Green is a family physician living in Denver, Colorado, USA. His career has focused on family practice and developing family medicine educational and research programs. You can access his full presentation at:

Featured Doctor: Dr Geoffrey Lopecillo (Philippines)
One of this month’s featured doctors is Dr Geoffrey Lopecillo from the Philippines. A family doctor for over thirty years, he has many and varied interests, but most especially in health education and prevention of complications. His work with diabetic and hypertensive patients culminated in the Philippines Society of Hypertension conferring the title of certified specialist of the society on him.

Hotel bookings for Seoul Council now available
Last month Dr Garth Manning, our CEO, outlined plans for the various meetings in Seoul, including regional councils and World Council. These meetings will take place at the Sheraton Incheon Hotel, and the hotel has now set up a specific website to deal with WONCA bookings for these events.