This month we present a newsletter mostly focused on World Family Doctor Day 2018 because of the overwhelming number of submissions received on this topic. The president’s report tells you the latest about the 40th Anniversary of the Alma Ata declaration and we have a rural round up report of the recent WONCA World Rural Health conference held in Delhi and an outline from CEO, Garth Manning, about arrangements for Seoul meetings.

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Dr Karen Flegg, WONCA Editor

From the President: Alma Ata 40 – our chance is now
May was a very busy month – starting with a very enjoyable and informative trip to visit our members in the Caribbean College of Family Physicians; then the World Health Assembly in Geneva; followed by the WONCA Europe conference in Krakow; and then our WONCA World Executive in Warsaw! We celebrated World Family Doctor Day on 19 May – which gives another important opportunity to recognise your hard work and achievements!

World Family Doctor day – 2018 feature
This year – 2018 – we chose as the key theme “Family doctors – leading the way to better health”. The WONCA Editor reports: Some activities have been submitted to the WONCA editor but of course this is just a small sample of the enormous worldwide activity on this day. Many items were also posted on Facebook and twitter.

Rural Round Up: Delhi WONCA Rural conference report
Many have just returned from an extremely successful WONCA World Rural Health conference in Delhi. Dr Pratyush Kumar, chair of the Host Organising committee and Dr Raman Kumar President of the Academy of Family Physicians of India report on the many aspects of this wonderful event.

Update: Family Medicine in Malawi
The Department of Family Medicine, at the University of Malawi College of Medicine was founded in 2011. A founding Faculty member for the department, Dr Luckson Dullie, was profiled on the WONCA website in 2013. John Parks MD is head of the Department of Family Medicine at University of Malawi College of Medicine in Malawi. Here he writes an update on Family Medicine in Malawi.

Arrangements for meetings in Seoul
WONCA CEO Garth Manning outlines arrangements for all WONCA Meetings associated with (mostly preceding) the coming World conference in Seoul,South Korea. These include meetings of Working Parties and Special Interest Groups, Young Doctors and the WOCNA World Council. Venues are confirmed and vary so please take a close look.

Resources added in May
Some extra PEARLS have been sourced for this month. Practical Evidence About Real Life Situations – are brief (minimalistic summaries) of Cochrane Primary care systematic reviews with the answer in the title (so you only read the ones you like). And there are a few new Goodfellow GEMS as well.