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WONCA newsletter: osvrt na KoHOM aktivnosti

Croatian Family Physicians Coordination (KOHOM)

Dr Mario Malnar and Dr Renata Pavlov wrote that KOHOM “is very pleased by WONCA Council initiative to create World Family Doctor Day. We strongly support the idea and believe that it will help recognition of importance of family doctors”.

“Therefore, we are happy to inform you that we will organize KOHOM Council where around 50 representatives of family doctors from all around Croatia, will be present.” KOHOM has begun a project on World family Doctor day called “Move your family”. The idea is to organise different events where we as family doctors will promote healthy living, physical activities, and exercising. This is seen as important as the main health problems in Croatia are non-infectious chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc).

KOHOM doctors and their families also enjoyed an outing for lunch and tourism at Neanderthal man’s site Krapina – a rich paleontological site more than 130.000 years old. It rained on the day but still it “was remarkable day which we spent in the nature with our colleagues and their families.”

Official WONCA NEWS document – June 2011

Diana Ramirez Severinac, a Croatian GP, holds a poster drawn by her 7-year-old daughter Sara (centre) in honour of World Family Doctor day. This poster was sent to all GPs to display in their offices. Diana’s husband looks on (right).