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Proslava dana obiteljskih liječnika na Mljetu

KoHOM i udruga Promjena ove godine su ovako obilježili Međunarodni dan obiteljskih liječnika koji se obilježava 19.05.2013.
KoHOM and CHANGE, Family Medicine doctor society, celebrated the International Day of Family Physicians, which is marked 19.05.2013.

Posebna čestitka svim obiteljskim liječnicima.

Ines Balint predsjednica KoHOMa i IO


About World Family Doctors’ Day

WONCA declared World Family Doctor Day in Cancun, Mexico in 2010.
The first World Family Doctor Day was celebrated on 19 May 2010. It has been taken up with enthusiasm around the world and has given us a chance to celebrate what we do to provide recognition to family doctors, to highlight important issues and the work we perform in supporting health care for all people in our local communities, our nations and around the world.

We have much to celebrate as governments around the world have really begun to realise the value of our specialty. In some countries there is work to do, and celebrating World Family Doctor Day will open up many opportunities to highlight the important contributions of family doctors.


Croatia – KoHOM

This year’s KoHOM and “Promjena” (English = Change – civil society organisation) joined effort (one of several, but most impressive) in commemorating the World Family Doctors’ Day.

Around 30 family doctors went from the mainland to the remote paradise island of Mljet, for the event of promoting ahealthier life, food and excercise in order to help in weight reduction.
One of many workshops held in Croatia.